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This is Getting bad; If anybody thinks we should stop Let me know.

I'm trying to provide Sources + Experiances to back up my argument rather than pure hearsay.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
A much lighter car has the ability to perform better under turning. It has 1800 lbs*velocity less momentum still going the direction of the road. In short it takes alot less downforce to get the same ability to turn and hard.
Please check your Physics Friction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Friction is a direct relationship of Friction coefficient to pressure.

SO if you double mass (vector going down) you also double traction (vector left/ right).

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
The Y2k is loud because its a bike. No real need to tone it down and even more so no place to put it. In a car you can run the exhaust port out to 10 feet and baffle it.
Which will restrict the exhaust flow just as much as the y2k does.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
I disagree on the need for some form of conversion.
What are you talking about?

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Yeah it takes a second to spool but I mean the GTR's 1/4 mile is almost ten seconds(9.9) and it terminates the strip at 143.
Where do you get your info from?
2009 Nissan GT-R ECU Tune 1/4 mile trap speeds 0-60 -
Puts it at 11.1 which is in line with what I have seen.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
the Formula 1 has trouble keeping up and in 9 seconds the F16's front wheels are no longer touching thr ground at 9 seconds.
First off; we are talking about turbo SHAFT engines in this thread; NOT Turbo Jet. Comparing the 2 is like comparing a fan boat to a prop boat; of course the fan boat. (Not a very good analogy; but you get the point.

Secondly you did notice that the F1 car was still ahead at wheels up; right?

Thirdly the F-16 is able to hold near full thrust standing still; find me a transmission that can handle that.

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
The F-16 is using turbojets which have much higher spool up time.
Where are you getting this information from?

first off the turbo Jet can get full thrust standing still; I can see no way to do that with a turbo shaft (where is all that energy going to go?)

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
If both cars are allowed to let their engines idle(so you don't cook your turbos and so mine reaches idle) the turboshaft could spool for a full 2 seconds and still tie the GTR. The Y2k clears in 9.8 seconds and it can't even apply full torque without losing traction(too few wheels).
There you go ignoring physics again.
Friction is not dependent on area. Here's the experiment I did in 5th grade
Friction, normal forces, contact forces: simple experiments from Physclips. Scroll down to "Dependence on area of the coefficient"

Second where do you get the 9.8 Second Y2k time? I can't find it anyplace.

"Typically" the limiting factor on high horsepower motorcycles is the ability to keep the front wheel on the ground. Don't believe me?
This is countered (somewhat) by a longer rear trailing arm (gives leverage a chance) but is still a factor and is one reason High Horsepower supras can beat turbo hyabusa's at highway speeds (the other is a motorcycles high drag coefficient)

If however you race to the .5 mile the turboshaft is going to get there in an additional 4.5 seconds even if it just maintains its 200+ MPH that it terminated the strip with.
I totally agree that the turbo shaft will eat a piston engine after 1/4 mile.
You also said it would be good on a road course. . . . . . How many straights are 1/2 mile?

The GTR will still be fighting and I'll say that it makes it to 200 mph in .5 mile and it makes it there linearly(it will take alot longer to achieve each mph so the average velocity will be biased towards 143).
a) What are you talking about?
b) GTR has top speed of 19x

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
It takes the GTR another 5.2 seconds and that was assuming the turboshaft doesn't accelerate after it terminates the 1/4.
Like I said above I have no doubt that a turbine will beat a piston past 1/4 mile.
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