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I am aware that friction has nothing to do with area, but the bike can't get too close to the max otherwise it risks stability problems.

The problem with weight is momentum is mass times velocity. Friction Mu kinetic is only a percentage of that same masses downward force from gravity. The increased weight is going to push you through the corner harder than the increased traction will keep up. According to wikipedia as well. I'm sure its in there. Mu static even won't get you close to all the normal force the car provides but you have to take all the mass into account as you try and turn.

yeah as mass increases you do increase the downward vector but the sidewise vector increases by literally exactly how much mass you added while the downward only increases 60% of what you added. . .so now that more mass is present its less stable through the cornering.
The 2003 Marine Turbine Technologies Y2K Turbine Superbike motorcycle. for the 1/4 mile time and speed

The turboshaft can achieve full throttle sitting still. It can have a clutch just like the GTR. It can max out or idle up without moving or applying the brakes. Idle, gas engage the drive(release the clutch).
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