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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Here you go, case closed lol
Cars For Sale: Car Details -

So I quoted progressive to get an insurance quote for me its 133 a month for a Gallardo(that one). Services like oil changes can be done at home(Just read through alot of stuck up comments but apparently some of them don't think it demeans them to do this) and service intervals are 7,500 miles. If its cheaper to own that Gallardo used I'd go for the gallardo every time and just find a manual and a local mechanic and talk until you could do all the basics.
Excellant you have found a car which has the same purchase cost as a GTR.
Few Issues And Older Lambos (Pre VAG) are known for being easy to work on; they do make Tractors.

1) GTR is a new car with a warranty
2) The only Diablo I've ever driven was in the shop for $25,000 worth of work. (I know small sample size) Including an $8000 Clutch (I put that in Maintenance)
3) I could NOT drive one with any frequency; nor could anybody over 5 foot 5
4) Did you know Bob Lutz designed the interior? (Same guy designed the Aztec)
5) Where did you get the info about 7,500 Mile service? I'm under the impression from my cousin (was working on the Diablo) that it's 3,000 mile; don't know.
6) Slower than the GTR in 0-60,1/4 mile, and at Neurenburg I'd guess everyplace except in between 192 and 202 MPH
7) No Back seat, trunk is a joke.
8) Those $8000 clutches alone might add up to the same maintenance cost as a GTR
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