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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
Excellant you have found a car which has the same purchase cost as a GTR.
Few Issues And Older Lambos (Pre VAG) are known for being easy to work on; they do make Tractors.

1) GTR is a new car with a warranty
2) The only Diablo I've ever driven was in the shop for $25,000 worth of work. (I know small sample size) Including an $8000 Clutch (I put that in Maintenance)
3) I could NOT drive one with any frequency; nor could anybody over 5 foot 5
4) Did you know Bob Lutz designed the interior? (Same guy designed the Aztec)
5) Where did you get the info about 7,500 Mile service? I'm under the impression from my cousin (was working on the Diablo) that it's 3,000 mile; don't know.
6) Slower than the GTR in 0-60,1/4 mile, and at Neurenburg I'd guess everyplace except in between 192 and 202 MPH
7) No Back seat, trunk is a joke.
8) Those $8000 clutches alone might add up to the same maintenance cost as a GTR
If I am coming acorss as defensive or aggressive I apologize, its a bad habit, but once I sink into one particular side of a debate I'll only leave once there iare no scraps of evidence left.

I actually trounced through like 30 pages of notes about them back and forthing about how it was a piece of crap(because it only had 500 horses) but how they wished its upscale brother the Murci was as nice. Maintanence regime on it is 7500 since the 2000 model year and I stand corrected its 6000 for 91-00 and 1500-3000 depending on your driving habits for older.

Mainly, the post is not about anyone other car compared to the GTR as the title implies. I was just somewhat peeved because 5-6 people came out of the wood work on an aero discussion saying it was a halo car.

And the reason the F1 comes with a tool kit is for an important reason. There are no maintenance costs. Each unit has a black box that uplinks to the factory and reports its status(exactly like the one in the GTR except not used to screw you its used exactly the opposite.)

The F1 black box once connected messages the factory and sends all of its stored data. Factory analyzes data and sends back a message for the driver that either everything is green(no check engine light) or something is amiss(check engine light). They then call you and ask if you would like them to send a mechanic to your garage to repair it. They fly him out he fixes they fly him back. He uses the tool kit with the car. Thats why almost everytime you see one up for sale you see a picture of the black box and a picture of the tool kit. Its very important.

I was pointing out that the F1 produces enormously more power on its NA engine. If it were turbocharged it would look alot more like the koeniggsegg CCX as it went by. I prefer NA to boosted if possible.

The GTR is kind of an ugly duck it doesn't quite fit into the exotic category and it doesn't fit in the supercar batch. Its price tag is lower than most supercars but its maintenance schemes are more expensive than Porsches'(My grandfather owns 2 and you can actually do almost everything yourself if you want definitely oil and fluid changes). Its really the same price as the average supercars with better performance, because the maintenance is so high. Trust me its much more expensive than Porsche, because their fluids are on really bad days 15/quart(compared to 80).

The new firmware will not have fixed the transmission problem. The firmware fixed the problem that the recordings shunt when you use the launch system. The problem with the transmission is. . .its sequential. Its a very big complicated system with two gear assemblies thats computer controlled and tries to read a humans intentions and when it gets those wrong is when it damages itself. The engine might think you want to keep ramming the gas but you left off as it switches and then it reloads and switches right back after engaging the gear only for an instant. It causes the teeth to get grinded more viciously than normal and those teeth bits destroy the rest of the trans.

You can actually only buy the Mclaren used these days but you can find them for just under a mil.

Also Maserati is like McLaren in that maintenance on the high-end models is covered completely. So long as you don't crash it they cover it. More expensive than the GTR but way cooler and no maintenance.(MC12)

The original atom was estimated cost in #s when I saw it for 30K British Stirling. The retail price US for the atom 1 which achieves all that was 45 KUSD. The Atom2 and Atom3 have more body paneling cost more and are slower.

I'm just not a fan of the oriental idea of supercar. The Honda NSX escapes my swathe judgement because its a car that has some pieces in common with the mass market(accord parts) and if you can find the parts you can do it yourself.

This car just kind of comes across as the ultimate rice rocket. It just feels like the guy who converts his straight pipes to a thunderously load muffler just because it will make it go faster(?) They could have just skipped all the extra tech by dropping in a bigger volume engine(F1) keeping the good Cd adding passenger space like wagons(around 2.5 kips) and leaving out the fancy delicate sequential trans and diffs that require embryonic stem cells as lubricant.

Given the choices I'd pick the Gallardo because anyone and everyone knows its important. Alot of people that are not car people will see the GTR and think ricer or sports car. If you want an expensive exotic get the best one for the price. Gallardo used definitely beats out a new GTR, cheaper maintenance, looks better and has more BHP/ton as well as you can park in 8 spots at the grocery store and no one will care.

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