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Originally Posted by osme View Post
Well I got the spiffie kit with the Newhaven blue LCD. I put it together tonight and something's wrong.

Plugging it into the computer, the backlight is on but there's no text. Pressing the middle button doesn't do anything. I checked continuity across the LCD connections and they're fine.

First I thought maybe it didn't have the software, so I uploaded the latest code and it was successful.

I'm suspicious of the quality of my soldering, but I don't know how to desolder the LCD to get to it. I thought they all looked fine before I put the LCD on, but I guess I was wrong.

Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?
One thing you could do without desoldering the LCD is checking and confirming the orientation of EVERYTHING. Especially the diodes. Be absolutely sure that you have them all installed in the correct orientation.

Secondly, from the component side, you could check to see if you have solder 'sucked' up from the solder side onto the component side. You *should* see that solder was to a small extent wicked up from the solder side onto the component side.

It would not hurt to re-heat some of the leads on the component side if you are concerned about some of the joints.

Also, even though you have tried to adjust the contrast, try tipping the LCD at an angle relative to your eye, to see if you can see *anything* on the screen at all.
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