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Look very hard at the Sonnet. I owned two of them at one time and they are very prone to rust in the front. especially near the front suspension. one of mine actually broke the upper control arm mount from the frame as i was going home from work one evening. lucky i had some chain and binders in the car to make emergency field expedient repairs.
They are Pretty Cars though.
I loved driving mine.
I am sure you will too.
However there is Very little room in the car for anything other than passengers.
The fuel tank is actually stuffed into a pocket behind the seats from underneath th car.
The rear hatch is a piece of glass with 2 hinges and a clasp.
The seats are fiberglass shells similar to racing seats.
The engine is a V4 ford industrial modified for this car.
Used to have a three cylinder two stroke 800cc that sounded like a superbike as it drove down the road.
The front clip pulls right off for access to the engine compartment. That is where you would put most, if not all of your batteries.
Parts are gonna be hard to find. Some guy from Sweden has been scarfing them up in recent years to send back to the homeland. They were not available for sale in their country of origin.
As such they have become pricey.
They are still pretty cars though.
after my first one rusted out, i got another.(i worked at a Saab dealer then)
Bibb Svenska Imports
Saab & Volvo
Petersburg Road, Richmond Va.

It rolled down the median one day after a misjudged turn.
Became four inches shorter.
They are pretty, even crashed.

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