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Just how all-out do you want to get? I've owned one for about 6 years, and have had some ideas over that time. The ones I've actually done have been fairly basic, due mostly to lack of time & skill. They include MIMA, radiator block (easy, just a piece of coroplast that slips between radiator & A/C), hot air intake, & removing the rear wiper - something that's not much use in Nevada.

Things beyond that which don't get into major structural mods would be more turbocharging, battery capacity & replacing most of the glass in rear hatch lid with carbon fiber.

If I had time and a crew of skilled body builders, I'd really like a different body, something like either the Aptera or (old-style) Lotus Europa. I'd like the current body better if it were several inches longer, lower, and narrower.

And one other not-an-ecomod thing: I'd really like some good door pockets.
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