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If you wanted to leave the rational world,you could lose the windshield and A-pillars,re-configure for a $3,000 GTP full semi-circular windscreen and Lexan side windows.That alone would get you into sub Cd.20 territory.The articulated front wheel skirts and cleanup of the belly have been mentioned.Then if you could deal with parking,hang more tail on it.After that,you're looking at some sort of active suspension which could drop the car on the highway and add a bit of rake.Throw in articulated airdam at front, valance at rear,road-riding ablative wheel fairings,and your looking Cd0.14 maybe.Go to rear radiator,maybe Cd0.13 like a Probe-V.One-wheel tadpole trailer to complete tail for road trips only and maybe Cd0.10( HONDA Dream-2 Solar car).Then we'll have you fitted with a designer straight-jacket!
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