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Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
I love it. But my wife said she'd be more embarrased to drive it than our current aerotricked Echo ;-)

What do you figure the overall MPG improvement to be?
The truck is getting 36-HWY/32 -Interstate.With the trailer,I'm given to understand from the formulas,that the trailer could push the mpg to 40-HWY/36-Interstate.There's no way to know without attempting it.--------------------- The trailer would only be used for out of town travel.------------ With the 2-wheel trailer behind the CRX,I pulled an average 50-mpg.There were no gap-fillers, no lower sides or belly to the 2-wheeler,and no real boat-tailing.------------------From Los Angeles to Denton,with a quarter-ton of batteries in the trailer,I still pulled 50-mpg.The rig weighed 3,300 pounds(the weight of my T-100 empty).
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