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I triple checked and everything's in the right orientation. Looking at the screen from any angle, there's definitely nothing but backlight.

Most of the joints on the component side have a bit of solder sucked through the hole, but not all. Is that a problem? Should I add a touch of solder on the component side for these joints?

I re-heated all of the leads that I could get to on the component side.

I put a piece of folded thin cardboard between the LCD and the guino board to make sure nothing was touching.

I noticed that the LCD solders on the guino board weren't the best, so I cleaned them up, made them all concave and they now completely cover the metal ring around the hole. I checked continuity between the unused pads on the bottom of the LCD to the solder joints on the component side and they're all good, less than 1 ohm.

There's still nothing on the display. What's the next step?
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