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So for all of you, it appeared I went through another stasis phase on the site I tend to look like I dropped off the face of the internet when I get really busy.

Actually, I've been slammed with what should be my final semester, building the best yet human powered vehicle I've ever worked on and other projects I need to finish out

Here's a couple pictures of what has taken most of my time, I might post more details on it later (we did get 3rd in design ).

(I'm inside )

(yes, we had some awesome crashes)

First Place overall Vehicle

Second Place overall Vehicle

Top speed for us on our own short testing track was 36.6 (as piloted by a non cyclist) Top speed vehicle at the competition was over 45mph

Okay, so here's the deal - back on topic.
1. I'm graduating in two weeks
2. I'm not sure what I'm doing afterward (I am considering starting my own {in stealth mode})
3. I'm still very interested in this project however, I need to do some maintenance/repairs first (timing belt, 1 window regulator, a few other misc. bits - I can't complain, I haven't put any money into the car in nearly 2 years).
4. Did anyone pick up where I left off? Honestly, I haven't been following...

Additionally, I met someone (whom I'm now friends with) that's interested in making an aerotruck - completely removing the bed and starting from near scratch. There's other exciting details to this too that I'd rather not divulge now (he drives a TDI, let your mind wander from there).

So, for now, the project is stalled. I am ready to build when funding is available, however. I need to finalize the model, but I have selected the geometry and feature set as a compromise between manufacturing, CFD results, limited cardboard testing and desired safety features. In a few weeks I'll publish my proposed design, dimensions and etc.
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