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4 problems I've now spotted after verifying with the schematic:

1) Digital Pin 2 isn't connected. There's no continuity between digital pins 2 & 3 or between 2 and the zener. There's a little bit of the pad not covered by the cpu's socket, and there's no continuity between that and digital pin 2 either. I assume it's a bad solder joint.

2) Same thing with Digital Pin 8 to LCD pin 12.

3) No connection between Digital Pin 7 and LCD pin 11. The socket solder is good, but the LCD solder isn't covering the whole ring.

4) I don't get 5V where the schematic says, I get 4.3V. The laptop's USB ports give 5.05V and I've never had an issue with USB power.

For issues 1 & 2, I think I'm going to try to jumper the CPU pin directly to where they're supposed to go. How can I connect the CPU pin to a jumper? If I have hot solder on the jumper wire and touch it to the CPU pin while it's still hot will that work? I'm assuming if I heat up the CPU pin directly, it will cause damage.

Issue 3, I'll fix the solder and hopefully that resolves it.

Issue 4, I don't know. Any ideas?

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