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E85 - Anyone else getting great results?

In my case I'm beating the EPA E85 mileage estimate by 31.5% and the EPA gasoline mileage estimate by 5% (when burning E85). The cost of E85 is ~20% less than gasoline, so I'm really getting 26mpg cost-wise, which beats the EPA gasoline estimate by 30%.

I would think E85 use and this forum would go together well, since not only is E85 cheaper, but all the techniques of warm intake air, advanced timing, and lean mixures would work well with E85 since it's 105 octane and detonation is much less of an issue at lean mixures/advanced timing. All I've done is installed larger injectors and changed my driving habits. With some engine/intake/ignition mods, I would think my mileage would go up even more.

Anyone else using E85? Any key mods for E85 fuel efficiency?


E85 ~$3.17/gal.
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