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carnot and heat transfer have no bearing whatsoever on electric motors. period.

carnot is specifically regarding heat to work. Electricity is not heat. If you were to do something stupid like run it through a resistor and use that heat to power the an expansion engine then carnot applies.

Its literally like comparing force to work. They are different.

Also a gallon of gasoline produces 9kg of CO2. the US is powered by something like 53% by coal(22 lbs(8-9 kg) of CO2 per KWh). So a gallon of gas produces 18.odd pounds of CO2 and a KW in the US produces(or in the act of producing it, x CO is released into the atmosphere) 11 lbs(the other half is generated mostly through hydro and nukular(side note why does everyone always show the cooling tower as the evil face of nuclear power?)).

Thats a fair CO2 conversion.

Also it takes 4 GGE to make 5 gallons of gasoline(refining) So if you really want to whine about it being fair you had better add that in. Add in 40 more lbs of CO2 just for the electricity to refine the gasoline and already the electric is kicking gasoline out the door.

Ryland, how much electricity does it use while charging in total kwh and then how far does that get you. If its in your fuel log for the 100+ mpger I couldn't decipher it. Sorry I'm retarded I know.

Gasoline costs also emits an enormous amount of serious pollutants during refining. Coal drops NOx SOx, and some mercury, while refineries dump substantially more pollutants and far more carcinogenic compounds than a power plant.

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