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I can agree that EV is not as green as people like to point it out as, but its far superior chain included than gasoline.

EV worst case scenario.

Coal(22lbs of CO2 per KWhr)-->transmission 10% loss --> charging loss 20%--> battery loss 10%--> drive loss 20%.

Gas normal

refinery 66 lbs of CO2 per GG 80% loss in power(it takes 4 GGE to make 5 GG, out of every gallon you used 80% to make it)--> 5% loss in transit-->50% loss in engine.

start each with 100 kwhr of power

electric yields 50% of the power produced at the plant
gas yields 9.5% of the power delivered to the refinery.

The gas production is under ideal circumstances, not IRL achievable. Also the refinery suffers any limitations at the power plant so saying I am not factoring those in is like saying I could divide everything by 2. The comparison is in the ratio so it won't matter.

I have used this same argument against regulating emissions on gasoline vehicles against hydrocarbons in the form of catalytic converters. Limiting the output of a gasser in any way in order to decrease tailpipe emissions creates more pollution because changing how you use that nine percent has 11 times more effect on the overall system. Lean burn, using some simple techniques to limit NOx and SOx(that increase FE) emits probably about 2x as much pollution as normal on really low AFRs(right around 16) but even if it increases FE in your car only a little it increases the system much more so.
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