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I absolutely love what you have done with your car. You have done every thing exactly as I would if I had that car.

I even like that color.

As far as VGs are concerened, why not ? It would look like an Evo, and might actually do something.

I'm still really confused about how that VGs can show an obvious decrese in drag, using tuft testing, yet they sometimes do not help at all.
If you think they look cool, I say try 'em ! I would ( because I too like the look of them. )
Personally, I would mount them lower than the top of the roofline so that they do not add frontal area. ( I would mount them around 2.5 " - 3 " down the back of the glass . You could use a silicone adhesive on the glass, and the VGs would come off without ripping the paint off your roof. )

Last, I would add a decklid extention and lower the car - but that's just me.
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