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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Yesterday in Ottawa, a young couple (early 20's) in a Ford Focus sedan kept speeding up & slowing down to look at the car. The woman yelled something across to me (at me?) while we were driving, but I couldn't make it out over the wind & traffic noise.

I'm guessing she thought it was funny judging by their expressions.

Twice they sped away to the next red light, only to have me roll up alongside them again as the light changed back to green.

Today someone said: "Looks like one of those French cars... is that a Peugeot?"
I've always failed to understand how one can misidentify a car, when the model is _written_ on the side and/or back of it? Your car says "Pontiac Firefly" on the back, right? How do people get "Peugeot" from "Pontiac?"

I've had 4 different people ask me if my Mercedes is a Porsche. What gave it away, the 3-pointed star?

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