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conversion factor

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
That does not put us in disagreement, and I have been advocating a standard conversion factor since August. I do think that would be "fair", but I don't think making a move in favor of ICEs in the name of fairness is a good way to frame it. You want to look at the whole energy chain, as really there is no other fair way to compare them.

I'm quite willing to just give citicar guy some slack myself for now too, rather than peel the onion on the energy chain.
dcb,I too would like to be able to get a handle on this can of worms.And I think this is the spirit behind Ernie's thread.If we can get a full accounting with each energy source,and a complete understanding of the chain of events,and their ramifications,in both directions from our utility meter,we'll have the best chance to make the best choices as citizen/consumers.

And I'm all in favor of "bridge" technologies which will get the US off foreign oil.Ed Begley Jr. is big on letting "science" talk.Much of the information needed to make informed decisions is omitted in the public domain.Many "findings" are found to be "Lab-shopped",are not peer-reviewed,are results of "outcome-based research" funded by some sector of the economy,which has a vested interest in the status-quo,or some agenda.

My formal education is a joke,and at age 57 now,I'm still working on self-education.I've lived off the grid for a decade,relying on wind an solar.The days of sustained cloud cover and zero wind,when I had to use a backup gasoline generator taught me some lessons in efficiency.

I'm a big proponent of plug-in electrics,especially powered by renewable sources,and am personally going down that road,however,with 200-million conventional vehicles in the US alone,it's going to take something big to move that off dead center.

I'll grind more numbers as time allows.In the meantime,I'll be leaning on all of you to keep me headed straight.Lets everybody, get that standard conversion put together.
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