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I just dumped this on the EV start here thread but I'll drop it here to avoid back and forthing
Since Aero posted the EV chain I'll do the fossil

Out of a 43 gallon drum 19 gallons become gasoline

drum contains 6.1x10^9j and 6-7 gallons form diesel so 26x 1.3x10^8j/(61x10^8+energy consumed in coal to refine(29.8x10^8j))=37.5%

transmission cost of 7%=34.9%

ICE efficiency typically ranges around 30% but we'll say its the max on any gasoline engine system(40% efficient) =14.0%

Transmission cost 10%=12.6%

very generous efficiency of 12.6% for the total ICE system

so the EV is 50% more efficient(chain-wise) than gas. The killer is gas requires a huge chunk of power to convert it from crude to petrol/diesel and you only get 50% back out of it anyway so add the extra costs into an already expensive side. . .
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