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Originally Posted by Jim Bullis View Post
Figure 5-1 shows that converting a gasoline hybrid to plug-in results in more CO2 in a coal powered scenario than the production hybrid.
Here is another good link for that Argonne study:
It shows EV: U.S. kWH total Greenhouse gasses per mile at less than gas and like 1/2 of crude (page 28). No mention of biodiesel, it is really a moving target and the data is from 2002

Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Actually. . .its way off. . .the amount of efficiency lost in the coal plant to power the refinery is just as big as it is to generate the ev-power.

Just to get the gasoline from the crude barrell to gasoline the efficiency is 20%. have to incorporate the inefficiency of the coal plant so the power supplied in coal is way more than the power delivered in watts. . .
Someone is gonna have to draw me a picture Where are we at with the apples and oranges?

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