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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Since Aero posted the EV chain I'll do the fossil

Out of a 43 gallon drum 19 gallons become gasoline

drum contains 6.1x10^9j and 6-7 gallons form diesel so 26x 1.3x10^8j/(61x10^8+energy consumed in coal to refine(29.8x10^8j))=37.5%

transmission cost of 7%=34.9%

ICE efficiency typically ranges around 30% but we'll say its the max on any gasoline engine system(40% efficient) =14.0%

Transmission cost 10%=12.6%

very generous efficiency of 12.6% for the total ICE system
Generous indeed!With respect to the VOLT we have to consider 70% of the gasoline would be lifted,refined,and loaded in a foreign country,then transported(under US NAVY escort) to U.S.'shores,where it would be off-loaded and make it's way by truck transport and pipeline,stations receiving their fuel from tanker,via a bulk-fuel terminal.Then the electricity to lift it through the dispensing pump into the vehicle.For crude oil transports,total refining energy would have to be factored into the energy expended by the NAVY, Coast Guard,Marine Corps,Seals,ARMY,Air Force,Delta Force,CIA,NRO,NSA,FBI,etc.,would not be reflected into the pump price nor "street" energy balance.In 1991,these costs were estimated at $2.31/gallon.I have no idea how one could arrive at the amount of energy this activity absorbs.So one kinda turns a jaundiced eye towards gasoline an Diesel when contemplating the big picture.
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