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Originally Posted by SteveU View Post

Iím already speculating and projecting too much. Please show us where you are now so I donít look stupid making bad assumptions.


You don't look stupid, just uninformed. What is your background? Are you considering doing an EV conversion? Your assumptions suggest that you don't have a good understanding of the basics of what Paul is trying to acheive. This is a simple DC motor controller for EV conversions that use these very simple motors. There are a number of commercially available DC motor controllers, but they are expensive. Paul is developing, with the help of others, a DYI cheap motor controller that will lower the investment required to do this type of conversion.

These motors are normally have the feild and armature in series, and they pretty much max out at 160V or so. Above that you will burn the brushes, so high voltage components are not that important as long as voltage spikes are well controlled.

Discussing the benefits of other motors such as BLDC or ACIM is off topic. It would be great to have an open source AC motor controller program also, but that's for another forum.


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