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Originally Posted by GrahamMc View Post
Hey, where can I get one of those cheap and abundant forklift motors to make my car go 70 mph? I would like to eventually run at least 144 volts. I don't really know enough about DC motors to know what I could get cheaply and make work. DC, brushed, series wound, but voltages usually around 48v?
A word to the wise if you decide to get into one of the BIG electric forklift (Like a Hyster E50B 48v - 5500lb capacity) dismantling projects - it's not for the feint of heart. And you will need big tools and toys to dis-assemble it. This is BIG IRON... If you happen to get it with the battery - the battery weighs in at 3200 lbs by itself - one piece. Most backyard mechanics don't have the gear to deal with that kind of weight - The main traction motor (over 200 lbs) is a great big series one, but be advised, it's a ***** to get out (has to go out the bottom - how do you lift a 10K forklift 20 inches in the air? safely? ) , and some mods might need to be made - for instance: The traction motor bolts directly to the transmission, no problem there; but - the big bearing for the end of the armature is carried by the forklift transmission; NOT the electric motor end plate. The endplate only has an oil seal since it was an open bearing fed by transmission oil.....that presents a big problem when trying to bolt to a car tranny. I'm having the endplate machined to accept a sealed bearing of the identical size - it's all doable, it just takes a bit of thinkin', drinkin', cussin' and ingenuity.
and money....but there is a guy who has this motor in a dragster puttin 96V direct to it for door blowing 1/4 mile runs - and says the motor doesn't even get warm....lots' a' torque.....
If anyone gets into the Hyster line, I've got some part numbers from the older 48v motors for brushes and bearings...PM me if you need them.
Forklift $300
Trailer & Gas to get it $75
Voltage Drop Test & Repair, and reseal Fields $25 (burnt off lead)
Test, Turn, and undercut Armature $175
Mill endplate $30
Brushes (4 sets of 2) $80
Replace insulated studs for Arm & Fields (free - but should have been $42 each)
Found a rebuilt motor identical at a forklift parts place.....$3872.00

Good Luck (and be careful!)

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