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Wherewolf, it sort of sounds like you are talking from experience. hehe! Your car is going to be scary and awesome once it's done. Are you going to drag race?! It sounds like you got a really good deal overall. Way cheaper than $3800! What's the diameter? Can you take pictures of how you mount the motor in the car? I have a puny 6.7" diameter motor which just hangs in the air, only attached by the face to the junky homemade adapter plate. Once we have a bit more money, maybe in the fall or winter, we'll probably do a truck conversion, with a real 9" motor and 6 volt trojan batteries. That would be a good test for the controller too. I hope by that time there are a bunch of beta testers with safe controllers.

I'm hoping for 40-50 mile range and freeway speeds. That reminds me: I want to learn how to make professional adapter plates and couplers. The mill probably could do the adapter plates. I don't know how, though.
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