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flex-fuel ?

I'd like to ask a question about flex-fuel,at least E-85.There is a bit of concern about the wisdom of some alternate fuels,and the actual premise for car makers offering them.With respect to E-85,I understand that this fuel requires about 1.3 gallons for every gallon of gasoline to go the same distance.Some of the vehicles which are configured for flex-fuel get,on the order of 13 mpg.With E-85 they would get on the order of 10 mpg.The car maker,for the sake of CAFE standards,is allowed an EPA rating of 135 mpg for E-85,even though the vehicle gets 10.Is this the right signal to send to the car maker during a time when the US economy is hemoraging $100-billion a year do to low fuel economy.Yes,we'd be burning US corn,but at 10-mpg.Is there wisdom there? I'm away from home and do not have access to my references and if I've made a mistake on these numbers I apologize.
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