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Making an EV out of a car with an automagic tranny is a setup for frustration. Electric motors don't idle like the old ICE did, so the gearbox won't stay lubed. Also when you do hit the 'go' pedal, the slush box needs to spool up, waste a lot of energy and maybe cut your range in half.

From EV Weblog: Can I Use an Automatic Transmission?
There are virtually no automatic transmissions, bar the Power Glide, that have a low enough drag (or high enough efficiency) to justify having them; torque converter or not.

You cannot simply operate an A/T sans a converter because without hydraulic pressure (“engine” running ALL the time – even at idle) you can’t engage ANY gear.

The slight motor efficiency loss at low speeds (<35 MPH) of a single gear set-up more than outweigh any benefits of a transmission, any type of transmission.
See: EV Weblog: Your First Electric Car
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