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I think I'll be ready to test version 1.1 tomorrow, which is basically the control board from the old controller, with just a few different things soldered on, like the 16.000 MHz crystal, and a 3 ounce copper power section. It's mainly so I can drive to the alternative energy fair on Saturday. Also, the software went through more revisions today. I tried to look at each line as ask myself, "what if the interrupt is called here?", or "What if it hangs here?" There were quite a few gotchas that I caught. I tested the control board in the garage, and everything seems to be working well. The power section is still untested. It's pretty simple, but you never know. It's going to be another sickening moment when I hit that gas pedal.

I'm hoping that sampling the current at the same point on the PWM waveform each time will give a smoother feel to the throttle, even though the control board shares a ground with the power section. When the better control board is done, I think things will be way cleaner and smooth.

The software really is better this time, so we'll see what difference that makes. I predict an improvement, but nothing like when the control board is done. One of the guys has been busy trying to finish a project, so there's been a bit of a delay with finishing the control board layout. I think I'll order a single board after its done to try things out, rather than breadboarding it. Then if things seem to work well with Ben's controller, maybe the beta testing can start.

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