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Originally Posted by Allch Chcar View Post
Ethanol plants are shuttering because the price of oil dropped too low for them to break even. The 51 cent tax credit per gallon also affect oil companies. And it takes $3 a gallon for most plants to break even, maybe a little less with subsidies.

The deforestation accusation is an attack on farming as a whole. As is the effects on the runoff from farming. If they were using better techniques then we'd have less of a problem with this stuff. And California's water problems are caused by crowding in cities and using freshwater from other sources instead of building desalination plants and passing the bill onto the consumers.

Field of Dreams? Sounds more like a Dream of fields of more oil. Remember this, businessmen favor oil. It's farmers and regional businesses that depend on corn production. Ethanol doesn't need to control the whole fuel supply, it just needs to be big enough to afford R & D into more efficient technologies.
Its odd to me that ethanol is going out of business when gas is just above $2 a gallon, the local ethanol plants out in Utica WI were up and running when gas was under $1.50 a gallon (which we thought was robbery at that time) and were selling E85 for around $1.00 a gallon I find it odd that if they could make it through that period 2004 onward that they would go out of business now?

Most of my relatives are farmers and they are NOT remotely environmentally conscious, I think the bad apples who just dump more chemicals to grow corn 40 years in a row on a plot need to be made aware of how their actions affect the industry and the quality of the food and environment.

Originally Posted by Matt Herring View Post
A similar grab and crash scenario is playing out in my hometown back in Pennsylvania. While the scenario has made alot of mostly low-income families alot of money quickly it also is presenting alot of environmental concerns. But, in these times, big energy companies are able to flash the money and get what they want.
A think that was the idea, people that are poor and not able to maintain their lifestyle are much easier to control, this whole morgage crisis is a scam, you can't tell me the banks didn't understand what happens when the mortgages balloon beyond the income level of the people who own the house?

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