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I came across this thread earlier today, and I have to say Good Job! It is awesome that someone is trying to make it more affordable to build EV's.

I have been reading through the thread, but it is going to take me awhile to get through all 101 pages. Have the schematics for the controller been posted yet?

My 2 cents on the regeneration: Based on my experience with robotics and regeneration, you need to leave the mosfets open, even a very small amount to be able to charge the batteries. You would have to have the motor spinning fast enough to cancel out the voltage of the battery pack causing it to start charging. This seems very difficult to achieve with a HV DC motor. You could try it by going down a large hill in a low gear with the peddle pressed very slightly. If you have an inline current gauge, it should actually go down, and eventually negative. When it goes negative, you are charging your batteries. I would love to hear from somebody who could try this. You might want to check with the creator of the controller first though, having not seen the schematics for the controller yet, I am unsure if damage could occur or not.

I look forward to following this thread.

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