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I need a larger precharge resistor I think. The total capacitance is:

0.01 F

The resistance is 2.5 Ohms. That works out to a time constant of:

25 msec. yikes. haha! So, Maybe I'll buy some larger resistance 10 watt resistors tomorrow. I got everything back together, with all the capacitors removed and turned around. I tested the control section while hooked up to the power section. I triple checked everything in the power section. It should be fine for testing tomorrow. The software is radically changed, so there may be bugs there. It's more complicated now. Watchdog timer, resetting it here and there. Interrupt driven, making sure the interrupts are disabled during important parts of the code. That's a recipe for bugs. A bug recipe. That sounds really gross. Like fly pie. (that rhymes).

It's supposed to rain at the alternative energy fair. Big surprise! By the way, if anyone wants to make the wiki, go ahead! I ain't a carin'. wiki wiki wiki. I have a turn table.
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