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Building reliable electronics is a mater of engineering the circuitry properly. Once the design is complete, I have no doubt that Paul's 500A, 144V controller will be quite reliable.

On the other hand there will be arcing and sparking in this mechanical design. The contact surfaces will wear out. I don't want to discourage you from trying this approach, but the result will be an inherently less reliable than a properly engineered solid state design.

Don't get me wrong, there are cases where a mechanical solution is more reliable than an electrical solution. BMW has been talking for years about steer by wire being the future. No thank you! Give me a nice reliable mechanical link to steer the car. I don't se any advantage to steer by wire. Automakers may like the concept because it makes it simpler to go from left side to right side drive. But steering is a case where there is very little mechanical wear. Over time the steering knuckles may need to be replaced, however, its a proven long term solution.

I just don't believe the PWM controller can be made more reliable of less expensively with a mechanical substitution. But don't let me stop you from proving me wrong.

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