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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
With respect to E-85,I understand that this fuel requires about 1.3 gallons for every gallon of gasoline to go the same distance.Some of the vehicles which are configured for flex-fuel get,on the order of 13 mpg.With E-85 they would get on the order of 10 mpg.The car maker,for the sake of CAFE standards,is allowed an EPA rating of 135 mpg for E-85,even though the vehicle gets 10.Is this the right signal to send to the car maker during a time when the US economy is hemoraging $100-billion a year do to low fuel economy.Yes,we'd be burning US corn,but at 10-mpg.Is there wisdom there? I'm away from home and do not have access to my references and if I've made a mistake on these numbers I apologize.
If the motor is MADE and timed specifically to E85 you can get almost the same mileage, my 1998 Buick running 50/50 mix of gas and E85 got slightly better mileage. Some of the SUV folks who normally got 15mpg would get 14mpg on e85.

It all depends, I think the key with ethanol is like Henry Fords idea, people should have a choice in what they burn e85 at least offers a choice though I STRONGLY disagree with how and what it is made from at the moment.

Something else to note it really should not cost the car makers ANYTHING to have a car able to burn both ethanol and gasoline since it is simply a fuel mix change done by the ECU. Although I would say having the mechanics tuned with higher pressures and different timing would make ethanol only cars more efficient.

If hands off methods can be developed to brew E85 (AKA without fossil fuels) and with higher efficiencies I still think ethanol can be viable but only for a percentage of our energy use but really at the moment its more viable for tropical countries where the ambient temperature is just right for making it.

And I don't disagree with us importing low cost ethanol from countries that can produce it much cheaper due to their crops and environmental factors. cough brazil

We need a large array of alternative energy solutions to make ourselves independant, no one solution is the cats meow but together we might be able to get off oil.

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