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The sun roof i can't answer.
But I also had to have lead foot removal surgery done on me.
The continuing therapy i am using is my Cruise Control.
When i get on the freeway i set it at 55mph and let it stay there. Cruise Control is not the best way to save gas, but i found it to be the best way to remove my lead foot.

My cruise Control can be activated at as low as 30mph, so - needless to say - I have also started using it on city streets.
All of my driving is done on business days.

The end results of this Lead Foot surgery:
Highway - 85+mph
City - 55Mph
1 Tank Of gas - 4 Business days

Highway - 55Mph
City - 35Mph
1 Tank Of Gas - 7 to 8 business days

For an added challenge i see
1 - how far i can coast w/o CControl or gas pedal before i lose my nerve and step on the gas
2 - how slow i can go on the city streets before people honk at me.

So I'm still driving like a jerk, but I'm doing it in a completely different way and saving gas while i do it.

I hope your lead foot surgery goes just as well as mine.
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