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Extra gauges for a turbodiesel

Hello all,

I'm planning to install cruise control and a MPGuino on my car and as those two requires a lot of work behind the dash, I've decided to think of other things I can do at the same time, to save time, and someone suggested getting some gauges.

My 1.7 turbodiesel already has tacho, speedo, fuel and water temp (only shows temp between 70 - 110 deg C though) gauges and that's it.

What other information would be useful to help me improve my FE? A boost gauge? I.e., the lower boost, the better? Would that work on a diesel? Any others? Am I correct in thinking a vacuum gauge is useless on a diesel considering diesels don't create vacuums?

A voltmeter and an oil pressure gauge would be nice but those won't contribte towards hypermiling.

My car doesn't have an OBD-II port so can't use gauges that needs the OBD-II port.

Thanks for your time in advance!


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