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My new window cling

We each made something with Ben's high quality coroplast; Ben made the top part of a possible future ducktail thingy, and also made a lower grill block (didn't get a pic).

Darin made a tiny little upper grill block. (If you can't see it, the Pontiac emblem is pointing to it.)

I blocked off nearly my whole lower grill. No overheating whatsoever.

In line to get to the starting line - they released cars every 60 seconds. We got some funny looks when we pushed our cars up to the starting line.

The X-prize diesel trike. Very insightful driver/creator. Oh and there's Ben too.

There's the event photographer lady who probably has some photos of me. Few were taken because I'm always masked and in costume similar to Daft Punk and MF Doom.

If the EPA rating for the '91 CRX weren't so outlandishly low, I would be in this photo too (McTimson probably wouldn't be though if Ben's CRX moved up a bracket.) I'm not complaining though - it was a blast. The biggest disappointment was probably Darin, who, in defiance of logic, couldn't manage to produce .3 more MPG from his purse. Maybe we wouldn't all have to be so insatiable if we didn't have to EXPECT Darin to fail constantly.

...Seriously though, everyone did an awesome job and aside from the gas filling mishaps it was a fantastic event. More ecomodders are required for this event in the future.
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