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It's coming soonish, Ben! Want to hear good news? Here's the plan for testing the control board: THE pro is doing the gerber layout, and then I'll send it to the PCB fab house to get 3 made, then I'm ordering the parts for 3 control boards, and I'm shipping all that stuff to him, and he works at a professional lab with digital storage oscilloscopes, precision voltage and current sources, and all sorts of stuff so he can simulate all the necessary signals. He's going to assemble the first board, do all the testing and fine tuning, figuring out which resistor or capacitor values or whatever need to change, and then use the remaining 2 boards to improve on the first. He's even doing up a Bill of Materials! Ya, it's pretty dang awesome... It will be a couple weeks, since I need to wait for the old Sylvan Check. booya! They overpaid me by about $10, so they had to send it back to the check making place. haha!

Awesome ideas, Nubie and Ben! The case of the missing case! Well, not missing case, but case that doesn't exist yet. I think it's illegal if it's not metal, due to EMI interference. ATM machine. Hi HI How How Are Are You You.
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