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new here...

I currently have a Greasecar equipped mercedes, and a Ford F250 I had planned to convert, but finding that Two diesels do not make reliable transportation in Northern Wisconsin in the Winter (esp. without a garage). So I plan to dump the truck before winter. I also have a Ural motorcycle that I have considered coverting to EV over the long haul, which is what led me here. When I begin that project, I will probably need much guidance..

Ural is effectively a russian made BMW, with sidecar standard. This should give me a lot of options for batteries. They are shaft drive, so I may be looking at a Car EV motor rather than a typical motorcycle motor. They are heavy, so I am gonna need some real muscle in the trunk.

I live in Northern WI, at the western end of Lake superior, and I am wondering if there are any bright modders about in the region. Face to face help would be excellent. But this is a long term project, I think. No hurry..

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