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I have NOT thought of that! So there!

It sounds interesting though! Hey, my friend sent me an updated robust version of the schematic. It's a good place to stop for version 2. Feature creep can cause too much to be bitten off all at once, but this is a MAJOR improvement over the version that blew up. It hasn't been built yet, but it will be tested soon. It's still using the ATMega8, but it will be pretty easy later to change to the ATMega16 or some PIC or whatever for whoever wants to. In version 3, when there's RPM monitoring and all sorts of crap like that, I might change it to an ATMega16 for the extra A/D channels. Right now, I'm just trying to get the software "perfected" (haha) for the professional lab testing of the new control board. hehe. It sounds like I'm lying about all the professional lab stuff. That's funny. It's just all too awesome for dang words.

Hey, I think I may have broken channel 1 of my oscilloscope while debugging the control section. I was just watching the input to the current A/D channel

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