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I think acetone won't work

I think if your car is fairly new, the acetone won't work because a well-functioning engine achieves about 98% complete combustion. Then where will the extra energy come from?


Originally Posted by HypermilingNoob View Post
Well, if you look at my fuel graph, you can see I get a pretty constant 30.3-30.6 MPG, the EPA on my car is 25, my goal is 35 so I just wanted to see if I can start doing small things, like running my radio less to help get a little closer. In about 2 or 3 days I'm going to try acetone in my car and about 8 or 9 days after that I will make a new thread for people to see my results. I don't plan on using acetone all the time because it honestly makes me really nervous about putting it in my car but I will do it once and if the results are really good I may do it once every 5 fill ups or something along those lines.
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