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I don't think acetone is a good idea either. . . It vaporizes much much faster than gasoline and is much more combustible when it does. In short Acetone I can promise you is making your engine a bigger candidate for pre-ignition. Its why racers use alcohols instead of ketones to make their fuels more compression friendly. The keto groups all vaporize and burn readily, whereas alcohols take a little more effort.

The thing Acetone will add mileage for is its replacing fuel and making your engine less powerful. It honestly is just like dividing your miles by a little extra uncounted fuel when people post results(so if they add a gallon of acetone(way too much for me) they get miles divided by 9 gallons instead of normal 10, which artificially boosts results.)

You could definitely see better results from disconnecting as much load from the alt as possible. And thats very easy and very safe. If it uses Juice and you don't need it turn it off. Wanna go all out start removing the pieces. Electronics usually ambiently drain electricity. Yank speakers, radio face, wiring, air con, belt for air con, cooling fan for coolant fins, coolant fins, piping for fins, yank the compressor itself, you know they get more complicated as the list goes but not terribly more complicated.
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