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Finding the elusive VSS

Hello there

I am really interested in the MPGuino, but first of all I wanted to know if there is a universal method to finding the VSS cable/s in any car with electronic ignition? I have a 1995 Alfa Romeo 146 with the 1712cc 16v boxer engine, a car which is not well documented, I don't think it was sold in the US. The only specific information is that the OBD has a Bosch protocol, something prior to version M.2.10.3.

So you can see I don't have much to go on! Is there any hard-and-fast tricks to find the VSS cables, such as tracing them back to the speedometer? I haven't pulled the dash out (yet). I noticed on the MPGuino wiki there was a line saying...
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For finding the VSS hookup, there are several approaches, but at the bottom of Technical Support is a tool that might help you identify the VSS wire location and color
I've know idea where this Technical Support is. That's why I've come to you guys! Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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