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Chance to replace my Civic EX with a Civic HX

So I'm wondering if it's worth it. I have a '98 Civic EX with around 180k miles on the clock. It's mechanically sound but has a few scratches and small door dings here and there. I average about 37mpg without trying to hypermile. It will do mid 40's only employing EOC on downhill sections and keeping the speed around 65-70 on the interstate. If I stay around 55 or 60 it will do right at 40mpg without employing any other technique.

With that said I found a Civic HX that's a couple years older than my EX but has about 40k less miles. I believe the HX will average about 41 or 42mpg without trying to hypermile, and high 40's close to 50 while doing minimal hypermiling.

My car is worth around 3000-3500, and the HX is booking at anywhere from 2200-2900. My only problem with the HX I'm looking at is it has hail damage on the hood and roof.

My thinking is if I could pick it up for 2k bucks and sell my car for at least 3k, then it would be worth it. However if he wants close to 3 (which is around what he's asking) I'd have to pass. I'm hung up on the hail damage, though, and I know I'd have to get it fixed eventually, which could cost 1k (no idea here), and then it'd be a wash. I'd end up with a 2 year older car, but with less miles, and better mpg.

Is it worth the hassle for the extra 5mpg average?

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