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I'd love to see numbers on how much fuel the starter uses.

Right now I EOC only when I'm coming up to a red light or other slowdown, and I'm bump starting in 4/5 gear, even if it means idling at the light, simply because I don't want to kill my stater (on my 3rd in my truck, which isn't a daily driver, just don't want to replace another starter for a long while). Also, got to keep the cat warm

I'm looking at people's idle readings from their scangauges and even if you're usign 1 GPH in idle (very high), that translates to 0.003 gals/sec. At 0.5 LPH, you're using 0.002 gal/min. Glide 500 mins to save a liter? Doesn't seem worth it.

I've seen lots of empirical data on here suggesting that it works. Maybe the SG misreports idle consumption? Maybe they mean GPM?

Didn't someone do a test on this site that concludes that the engine HAS to use fuel in neutral to keep the engine from stalling because the drive line is no longer spinning the engine, so in neutral the engine uses fuel to keep it running?
NO test needed, if you want the engine to run when it's disconnected from the tranny, you'll need to use fuel

My bike runs on dihydrogen monoxide.
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