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Hey everyone, I'm just lurking around really as I don't drive enough to try to get the best MPG I can get -- I take transit to work 90%+ of the time. When I do drive to run weekend errands etc. I'll take it easy to not use too much gas, but about once a week I'll take my car out to one of the many local twisty windy hilly roads and just go full out and have fun, which I estimate drops my fuel mileage to 15MPG easy. When my better half drives, I find that she typically gets a bit better fuel mileage than me.

On road trips however, fuel conservation is the name of the game. I always strive to get the best fuel economy I can get, like going a maximum 105km/h, or even 90km/h if I'm not in a hurry, and I've managed to beat the old EPA ratings by a wide margin, I've achieved 5.1L/100km in my old 85 Civic, 5.6L/100km in my old 91 Corolla, 4.5L/100km in my just traded in 08 Corolla. My current car? It's a 2007 Mazda 5 GT with 5 speed manual transmission. lol. This is the car I love to tame local roads with, but with a baby on the way it's a great car that's fun to drive and reasonably fuel efficient compared to other minivans on the market. We're going camping in a couple of weeks so I'll see how much I can beat EPA with it!

I also like sunsets, long walks on the beach, chilling with a pint of beer, hockey, music, camping, and all that good stuff. Hi!

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