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Looking for outstanding efficiency numbers

Hello, guys,

I have a favor to ask--

Today, I am embarking on a great task--beginning of a "white paper" on the potential for greater efficiency in cars. This is for the Sierra Club. I see the matter as logically divided into four or five parts--

1. Aerodynamics
2. Rolling resistance
3. Power plant efficiency
4. Other losses such as accessories, bearings, lubricants, etc.
5. Future prospects outside the paradigm such as pavement
types and modes of car use.

The Sierra Club folks currently are hoping to get CAFE, the "corporate average fuel economy" required for U.S. cars, up to 55 mpg by about 2030. I think they are setting their sights WAY too low. So I am putting together information showing what has already been done, and what we can expect in the near future.

Guys have already responded on the aero list with lots of samples of super-low drag coefficients. Now, I'm proceding down the list.

The tires on my car did about Cd = 0.0065 at 40 psi. (205/60R-16 Michelin Energy MXV4 S8) Well, we know 0.0060 is doable today. But, what are the solar and supermileage cars doing for rolling resistance? Anybody know of lower numbers?

Any other citations on efficiency of components besides tires are wanted too.

Ernie Rogers

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