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My idea is taking any of the Honda shaft drive motorcycles, but mostly the CX500 and putting a 6hp 48V golf cart motor in there running inline with the shaft, I still need to dig up the gear ratio to make sure my plan would really work but if it does then I would figure $100 for the motorcycle, $150-200 for the used motor, $150-300 for a controller, $500-600 for the 4 new 12v deep cycle batteries, $50-100 for a used charger (all prices based on Ebay) but the hard part of the plan is golf cart motors have an open end without a support bearing on the shaft, as they use the bearing in the axle, they also have a shaft with splines on the inside of the shaft, the drive shaft on the motorcycle also has splines on the inside end of the shaft, so I would need to make a short stub shaft with those two spline sizes on it to mate the two together and it would have to have a bearing support around it that the motor can bolt to, not sure on the exact cost of making this but I'm hoping if I made up 5 or more to get the cost down to $300 each, my brother is currently in mechinest school and I know how to weld and run mills and laths so we are hoping to have a better idea how to make that splined shaft in the coming months.
The Honda CX500 is a larger motorcycle with alot of space around the engine and a frame that seems heavy enough for the batteries, they are also complex enough engines that people tend to give up on them as projects when the engine needs work.

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