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Aerodynamic Styling in my opinion is beautiful. Given the quest for improved FE I think we are going to see allot more good looking vehicles on the road.

You will find there are many names given to this type of 3 wheeler. Tadpole & Reverse are common

Thanks allot for the well written Blog. I love Canada & usually vacation in the North Channel each year. I've been thinking of a trip around the lake in Rocket2. if I do, I'll let you take it for a spin.

Hwy is where most of North Americas energy is consumed.
I started this project to create a vehicle that maximizes Hwy FE unlike a conventional hybrid which is designed for the City. Therefore I intentionally exclude drive technique like pulse & glide from the numbers.

Rocket2 the plug-in is a couple of months off. When I "gitter done" I'll post something here on it.
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