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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
As for bug tracking and version control, that would be awesome. ... Also, the code is changing like 20 times a day right now, ... Does version control and bugs come after prototypes, or how does that work?
Hi Paul,

Your code has already versions like any code that is changing: you just don't keep track of these. With a repository that keeps track of versions, even if it's only you working on the code for now, you can have better control of the code, you can decide to have branches, tags, releases and never miss out on a change during a refactoring of the code, fall back after erroneous changes etc ... I can tell that you are not familiar with these concepts but it's really very simple and once you use a system like svn (subversion) you will ask yourself how you managed to keep control of your code before using it. When more than a couple of people get involved with the development it is almost impossible without it!

There is a freeware shell extension for windows that works as an svn client ( so your curent folder with sources will get painlessly under svn control. For a quick intro on the basic operations when using svn check out this short article LF: Short introduction to Subversion or browse through the (free) book: Version Control with Subversion.

I'll set-up a svn repo for the project and give you access to play with it if you want.

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