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I think I understand. I thought you wanted to keep track of different code versions for other people for some reason. I sort of do that right now, in the sense that I have multiple versions saved as different projects and multiple program names under the same project, and multiple functions of the same name in the same program, but some are commented out. The program isn't really a "project". It is really really short. Maybe 300 lines, 1 file. Is it worth doing this on such a puny program? The chip only had 8k of memory, so the code can't get too big.

Speaking of editing software, I'm trying out a poor-man's 1970's, 8 kilobyte no pointers linked list for smoothing out that stupid low rpm driving. Right now, everything is really really smooth, unless you are going about 1/20 miles per hour, in which case you can feel the oscillation of the current, because it's changing really fast at that low rpm. If low RPM were a person, I would punch it right in the head.
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