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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I think I understand. I thought you wanted to keep track of different code versions for other people for some reason. I sort of do that right now, in the sense that I have multiple versions saved as different projects and multiple program names under the same project, and multiple functions of the same name in the same program, but some are commented out. The program isn't really a "project". It is really really short. Maybe 300 lines, 1 file. Is it worth doing this on such a puny program? The chip only had 8k of memory, so the code can't get too big.
Well, it's not just one file and it's not all software: there are component lists, IDE specific files with compilation options, readme file(s), PCB files and in general all that is a file can be placed under the svn control. If it's a text file there is the added benefit of being able to see the "change-set" at a glance, educate contributors to comment on the submitted changes etc. Also, different branches for different people (someone might have hw variations requiring specific alteration to the code) can be neatly stored as branches of the project. In the future some might go ahead with 8 bit micro, other will go with 16/32 bit or entirely different controllers... Those will became independent branches of the same project. Points in time when you feel the code has achieved a certain milestone may be frozen as tags, stable versions copied aside as releases etc ...

I'm not trying to complicate things: after reading more than a thousand posts I became a believer. I have seen to many promising start-ups choking because the project leader became so busy keeping track of the variations and requests for improvement that simply did not have enough time and energy to go on or to focus the people willing to help in a productive direction. If you think is not helpful yet to use a central and managed storage for all project files there's no problem: It was just a proposal.

I've set-up a playground (trac system) for you here: Open ReVolt - Trac

If you want to add sources/files the svn repository URL is . Of course anonymous user is not allowed to use it, just to browse through it via trac "Browse source" option (see first URL). So, if you decide to try to actualy use the svn PM me for a user/password.

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